The Image Compression Artefact Recycling Bin

This is the simplest bin provided by Datateb technologies. Simple in its usage, simple in its achievement. Simple but powerful: by dragging your images on it, you reduce their filesize on extreme levels, allowing you to save disk space, and so, to minimize the digital pollution.

The Image Recycle Bin

Instead of just throwing your files, why not re-using them? Drop all your unwanted images into the Image Recycle Bin. By Clicking on it, the program will generate a new image out of your old files.

The Compost Bin

Why using chemical when the nature can take care of it? Let's introduce some digital worms and bacteria to biologically recycle your images. By dragging your images on that bin, the organisms will eat your blue, green or red pixels according to their species. As a biological process, it will require a certain amount of time to achieve the total decomposition.

The Magnetizer Bin

Proprietary documents are spread everywhere on your computer. Because their format is closed, they are not recyclable. The Magnetizer Bin will help you to get rid of those bad files by finding them, attracting them and deleting them.

The Paper Shredder

This bin a special one. It helps you to preserve your privacy by literally shredding your files. With the Paper Shredder, you won't have to worry anymore about your intimacy!